Free Shipping

Q.) How do I get free shipping?

A.) USPS Priority Mail Shipping within the USA is free when you sign up for Gratitude Rewards, our customer loyalty program:

In addition to free shipping, you can also collect rewards points to use towards future purchases.

To receive the free shipping benefit, please first sign in to your account and then add items to your shopping cart before you begin the checkout process.

Tip: If you are a PayPal user, skip the initial Express Checkout box. Instead, follow the black checkout buttons all the way through the regular checkout process, and select PayPal at the final payment selection screen. 

Note: The Gratitude Rewards pages on our site are not compatible with some advanced web browser privacy settings and/or alternative browsers. You may not be able to see and use your Gratitude Rewards unless you are using standard Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser settings. 

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