What Do I Do If My Cacao Antioxidant Mask Seems Dry?

Q.) What Do I Do if My Cacao Antioxidant Mask Seems Dry?

A.)  We're sorry you've encountered this inconvenience. Please follow the steps below to revive the mask. Please rest assured that your mask will still be effective!  

Because we use exquisitely sourced organic ingredients with natural variations from batch to batch, and we don't include man-made additives in our formulations that don't align with our ingredient standards, sometimes the mask can become dehydrated and need to be revived. Please note that we have heard your feedback and we are exploring innovations that would reduce this occurrence, while still giving our customers the wonderful efficacy that they love.

1.) With your fingers or a clean spatula, scoop out a small amount of the mask into your palm.
2.) Add a small amount of water, or several sprays of Hydrating Accelerator mist, to the center of the dollop of product.
3.) Carefully mix, rehydrating the mask into a spreadable consistency. 

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