What is the Percentage of AHA in the Daily Acid Toner?

Q.) What is the Percentage of AHA in the Daily Acid Toner?

A.) The Daily Acid Toner is a revolutionary product that contains a unique blend of AHAs from hibiscus flower acid (pyruvic, malic, citric, and tartaric acids) and glycolic acid in a supportive base of organic aloe juice that's boosted by in-house made plant extracts, micronutrient dense clay minerals, and protective amino acids and algae. 

The amount of glycolic acid in the Daily Acid Toner is low and formulated to perform synergistically with the multiple acids within the hibiscus flower acid. This unique acid profile and the formulation of the toner does not compare to how conventional acids are experienced in terms of strength. For that reason, we do not disclose the product's acid percentage.  

This formulation of the Daily Acid Toner, which was several years in the making, is not "apples to apples" comparable to a conventional AHA/glycolic acid toner. Such conventional products are typically formulated in a different way: a given amount of AHA in a water base, a penetration enhancer like propylene glycol or propanediol, a pH adjuster like sodium hydroxide, and sometimes alcohol or witch hazel. You are likely to experience that the Daily Acid Toner is more gentle than conventional AHA products but delivering superior results.

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