What Are the Acids in the Daily Active Toner?

Q.) What Are the Acids in the Daily Active Toner?

A.) The Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) in the Daily Active Toner include:

A well-tolerated AHA commonly derived from apple. A supportive player to the glycolic acid in the formula, a bit like a bee to a flower⁣. Molecularly larger than other AHAs, making it gentle enough even for sensitive skin. ⁣

Naturally occurring in grapes.⁣
Helps to maintain the ideal pH range for other AHAs to work their magic. Can help provide more targeted exfoliation due to its large molecular size. ⁣

⁣An AHA commonly derived from citrus fruits. Shown to help increase thickness in sun-damaged skin. Shown to increase the skin’s ability to hold water (for more, look up dermal glycosaminoglycans and  check out our post on hyaluronic acid.) ⁣

The other acid at play here is GLYCOLIC acid and it’s important to address why it was chosen and how it works with the Hibiscus Flower Acid. Our glycolic acid is fruit-derived and exists at a low but effective concentration within the Daily Acid Toner. Glycolic acid also specifically helps the performance of other ingredients and other products, directly in line with our belief in ingredient synergy and product synergy. Our glycolic acid supports the benefits of HSFA by cleverly working away on collagen synthesis each time it’s applied - it’s long-term results are plumper, thicker, firmer skin. ⁣

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