Which Shampoo Should I Use?

Q.) Which Shampoo Should I Use?

A.) Shampoo mainly addresses scalp type and the conditioner addresses the hair shaft. So the simplest way to determine which Josh Rosebrook shampoo you're best suited to is by how dry to balanced to oily your scalp is. An easy way to determine this is by how often you feel the need to shampoo. The key question is, "Once you shampoo, how many days pass before your scalp becomes oily again?" If you can go 4-5 days before your scalp becomes oily, your scalp is "normal to dry" and well suited for NOURISH shampoo. If your scalp becomes too oily 1-3 days after shampooing, your scalp is "normal to oily" and BALANCE is the most appropriate shampoo for you. Nourish is well suited for the drier scalp, course/thick hair texture, and hair that has turned gray. Balance is better suited for excessive oiliness, fine hair texture, all hair densities, and any hair wanting more volume.

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