Q.) Do your products contain preservatives?

A.) Many products require a preservative system to effectively inhibit the growth of mold, yeast, bacteria, and fungi.  We have a proprietary concentrate formula that includes organic plant vitamins and antioxidants infused in water that effectively creates a structure helping to inhibit spoilage and extend shelf life of products. In most products, we also include biomimetic potassium sorbate which is easily metabolized by the body and the most well-studied preservative in the past 50 years. Our high-quality food-grade potassium sorbate helps extend the shelf life and guarantee the safety of our products that need preservation. Different formulations can require different preservative systems. We also use leuconostoc/radish root ferment which is derived from radishes that work as part of our preservation system as well and Ethyhexylglycerin and Phenethyl Alcohol which can be used in very low concentrations complete a preservative system.

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