What’s the difference between Ultra Peptide Cream and Vital Balm Cream?

Vital Balm Cream is an intensive moisturizing balm intended to help restore thirsty skin and protect the skin by forming a layer of nourishing oils. In contrast, Ultra Peptide Cream is a lightweight serum concentrate that instantly sinks in, leaving a satin, matte finish. 

They have very different textures and molecular weights on the skin. Depending on your skin's moisture level, you can experiment with both products on various areas of the face or during different times of the year. For example, during the summertime, we love Ultra Peptide Cream as our last step at night, but we apply a layer of Vital Balm Cream to delicate, dry areas such as around the eyes and lips. In the winter, in arid climates, or when the skin is super thirsty, we layer Ultra Peptide Cream underneath Vital Balm Cream. 

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