If C Body Cream feels slightly sticky, what can I do?

Q.) If C Body Cream feels slightly sticky, what can I do?

A.) After applying directly to clean skin or on top of Body Acid Serum, if C Body feels a little sticky after a few minutes, you are probably using too much. This is a highly concentrated formula - a little goes a long way! Try reducing the amount you are using, for example, no more than a quarter coin size per leg, and see the difference in the after-use feel.

Since the C Body Cream is concentrated with actives, only a small amount is needed for powerful moisturizing action.  It's easy to use too much - and yes, in that case, it won't absorb and it will feel sticky. Most body creams and lotions are just water and oils, C Body Cream has the Vitamin C, peptides, niacinamide that deliver advanced results - but small amounts are all that's needed. After the small amount is applied, it will absorb without stickiness and it will moisturize for 8 hours. C Body Cream is quite different from all the other creams out there. 

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