What does “Biome” refer to in Biome Body Cleanse?

Q.) What does “Biome” refer to in Biome Body Cleanse? 

A.) While each person’s microbial makeup differs, “Biome” refers to the microbiome. The microbiome encompasses many distinct microbial communities throughout the entire body. For example, our skin represents vastly different microbial communities across our large surface areas.

Microbiologists believe that we are only beginning to understand the microbiome's impact on the health of the whole body. It’s also an area of innovation in science and skincare that we are particularly passionate about. The bacteria across our skin play a significant role in our body's physical defense and protection, along with the ability to affect different outcomes ranging from how we smell to acne, and eczema, to dryness, processing stress, and slowing the aging process of the skin. 

If you are interested to read more from two brilliant microbiologists, we highly recommend “The Whole-Body Microbiome” by Dr. Brett Finlay and Dr. Jessica Finlay. 

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