What is the percentage of Vitamin C in C Complex Serum??

Q.) What is the percentage of Vitamin C in C Complex Serum?

A.) We are a formulation-based brand, meaning that the value of our products depends on the quality and synergy of our ingredients working together to deliver results. Our chemists meticulously design our formulas to perform as a whole, and our ingredients become more potent when placed together than when singularly examined.

We could have adopted the marketing tactic to disclose the ingredient percentages for many of our products, but we consciously have chosen not to. We don't believe that dissecting the formula and sharing specific ingredient ratios correctly or responsibly relays the products performance. In the case of vitamin C, we know that several factors carry more importance than ingredient percentage alone; for example, the total absorption of vitamin C into the skin, along with its stability, directly translates to potency. Vitamin C also performs best when paired with network antioxidants like vitamin E and glutathione, which can recycle vitamin C once it has stabilized a free radical.

For C Complex Serum , the products name gives a clue to the formulas critical efficacy: complex - multiple ingredients working together. The two vitamin C complexes each have various benefits for the skin but ultimately combine to help brighten and provide superior antioxidant defense, supported by licorice, azelaic acid, and phytonutrients.

Our marketing of C Complex Serum will continue to reflect our education-forward approach at Josh Rosebrook Skin & Hair Care.

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