What Is the Difference Between the Complete Moisture Cleanse and the Essential Balm Cleanse?

Q.) What is the difference between the Complete Moisture Cleanse and the Essential Balm Cleanse?

A.) While both products are effective, gentle, and suitable for all skin types, they offer different formulations, textures, and experiences:

  • The Complete Moisture Cleanse is water-based, while the Essential Balm Cleanse is oil-based. Both products are designed designed to be used either individually with one wash as a single cleanse, individually with two washes as a one-product double cleanse, or together as a double cleanse duo starting with the Essential Balm Cleanse as a first cleanse and the Complete Moisture Cleanse as a second cleanse.
  • The Essential Balm Cleanse is an effective makeup remover which does not require a washcloth to rinse clean, but you may prefer using a washcloth to remove heavy or waterproof makeup. 
  • The Essential Balm Cleanse is non-foaming and emulsifies to a milky cream, while the Complete Moisture Cleanse is lightly foaming. 
  • Both products are pH balanced and non-drying.

For more information on which cleanser is best for your skin, read more on Josh's blog post here.

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