What Are The Differences Between the Active Infusion Serum and the New Active Infusion Oil?

Q.) What are the differences between the Active Infusion Serum and the Active Infusion Oil?

A.) Active Infusion Oil was formulated to increase skin cell turnover, improve texture, lighten dark spots, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and improve skin elasticity. This micronutrient, fatty acid-rich, plant oil blend absorbs quickly and cushions the delivery of the actives into the skin while antioxidant-rich, in-house made herb and mushroom extracts offer concentrated phytonutrients to help support, regenerate and protect skin structure and luminosity. No added fragrances and essential oil-free. The Active Infusion Serum is a potent blend of avocado and other nutritious oils and includes rich antioxidant herbal infusions.

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