Seborrheic Dermatitis

Q.) Do you have any hair care recommendations for seborrheic dermatitis?

A.) Thank you for your interest, we understand how difficult seborrheic dermatitis is to keep at bay! It is an inflammation-based disease that can originate genetically and be exasperated by diet, allergens, lifestyle, and emotional stressors. Finding a solution that lasts can require staying on top of all these aspects. 

In terms of hair care products, we find Balance Shampoo can help support the scalp by removing the excess oil that exacerbates this condition.

I would avoid a conditioner on your scalp, and only apply from your midshaft to the ends. If your hair is thicker and dry, I recommend Enrich Conditioner or Nourish. If your hair is fine, thin density and healthy - I'd recommend Balance Conditioner on the mid-shaft to ends.

As for treating your scalp, we've had a lot of success by applying the Serum Spray to the scalp as a tonic.

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