Are Josh Rosebrook Hair Care Products Color Safe?

Q.) Are Josh Rosebrook Hair Care Products Color Safe?

A.) According to our approach to hair care and color-safe products, we can tell you that all of our Hair Care products are "color-safe." "Color-safe" is really just a marketing term. Shampoos that are marketed as “color-safe" they give manufacturers an opportunity to change very little in their formulas and market more product in a way that make people feel as though they are protecting their color, although it does very little.

No shampoo is going to really protect the color or prevent fading. The only type of shampoo that can lightly replenish the color and make it appear as though the color isn't fading as fast is a tinted shampoo that uses temporary color within the product. Temporary color washes are formulated in a way that color molecules sit on top of the hair shaft. The molecules don't penetrate the hair shaft, which is why the color is temporary.

Why does color fade? Color molecules break up and fall out as the cuticle lifts. Lifting of the cuticle and swelling of the hair shaft is how the color fades. Here are the reasons color fades:

1) Water - Even rinsing your hair with water will swell the cuticle and allow the color to seep out. Therefore, washing your hair with any type of shampoo will fade your color, and depending on the ingredients, some shampoos will cause quicker fading.
2) Heated instruments - With regular heated styling, the cuticle rises. Over time the cuticle will no longer lay down as flat as it once did and is prone to chipping. This is damaged hair. Damaged hair/raised cuticle will not hold color as well or for as long.
3) Environment - Sun heats the hair, causes the cuticle to rise, oxidizes, and lightens color tone within the cortex.

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